About Us

Thank you so much for your business! 

Ecoquestrian Products, LLC is a small, family owned company with only the purest intentions in mind for not only our Earth but also you and your horse. 

Ecoquestrian Products, LLC was founded by professional groom, Miranda Sharon. Every formula was crafted for maximum results and long-lasting health for your equine pals. We know how important it is for your horse to look and feel their best without being weighed down by silicons, parabens, sulfates and other additives found in many care products in the industry. 

We created Ecoquestrian on the premise of creating a healthy and sustainable future while still providing a quality product for daily use. 

When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that your order is handcrafted with love and care just for you. What we DON'T add is artificial dyes, perfumes, preservatives and harmful chemicals. 

About Shmitty and his products:

Hammersmith (or Shmitty, Shmittles, Shmitzelheimer) is a very special Kentucky bred Off Track Thoroughbred. Shmitty was born with a wry nose, causing the lower parts of his upper and lower jaws to be slightly misshapen. While this condition can be very serious, Shmitty is very fortunate to not be effected by this ailment any deeper than cosmetically.

Shmitty raced until the age of three where he sustained a minor ankle fracture and then retired to New Vocations where he was adopted out and later came to be loved by Miranda. Shmitty is full of spunk and sass, leaving smiles wherever he goes! 

Shmitty's adorable face is featured on every product in our Shmitty's Favorite line.


Any questions? We would love to hear from you!

Feel free to reach us at info.ecoquestrian@gmail.com