Currently seeking testers for our new product: Ecoquestrian Hoof Melt

Thank you for your interest in our company! If you'd like to be considered for a product tester spot, please fill out and submit the form below. 
Please note that you will only be contacted if you have been selected for a position and spots are limited
We do not accept any testers below the age of 15, you must be located in the US due to shipping. 

About Hoof Melt:
Hoof Melt is the new and improved version of our Coconut Hoof Moisturizer. The new formula is easier to apply, more effective and a powerful antifungal. 
We need equestrians just like you to test the effectiveness of this new formula on several types of hooves, in different environments and with different types of ailments, primarily Thrush infections. 

PLEASE NOTE that if you are selected, you are expected to provide feedback, photos and observations of the product's benefits on your horse. This product has been tested and is sensitive skin approved- we just need to test it in different environments. If you are unable to be an active participant, do not apply. 

If selected, you will be mailed one (1) 4oz tin of Hoof Melt product. 

Thanks for submitting!