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Decaffeinated Green Tea

Premium, cold brew, decaffeinated green tea leaves bring unparalleled nourishment and healthy shine to manes and tails leaving them luxuriously soft, repaired and smooth. Find this ingredient in our Coat Glow and Mane & Tail products!


Locally Sourced Beeswax

Ethically sourced beeswax from small local farms ensure the richest protection and nutrient rich wax available for all of our balm products. Beeswax is an incredible natural waterproofer and is a main ingredient in our Shmitty's Favorite Leather Balms. 

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Coconut Activated Charcoal

Tops class healing innovation begins at Ecoquestrian with coconut-based activated charcoal. This charcoal is an excellent tool for cuts, burns, abrasions, irritations, infections, bites and more to clarify wounds and promote fast, deep healing. See the power for yourself in Shmitty's Favorite Super Heal Balm!

We are delighted by your interest in creating a healthy, eco-friendly care routine for your equine partner!

Each of our products is crafted by hand with upmost care to deliver the maximum effects of each and every natural ingredient. We strive to bring quality, affordable and sustainable products to the market suited for ever horse and rider pair whether you love to hit the trails or the Grand Prix ring- every horse deserves the finest of care!

Please note that many of our products contain tea tree oil which is toxic to companion animals such as dogs and cats. If you would like to request a product without any ingredient, please send us a message through our                page.

While our products have been sensitive horse approved, Ecoquestrian is not responsible for any allergic reactions or irritations that may occur at any time, we recommend that you apply products in a test area before full-body use. If your horse has a known allergy please send us a message through our                page to speak with us, we would be happy to work with you at no extra cost.