For the best results with your Ecoquestrian products-

The full line of Ecoquestrian grooming products are powerful enough to knock down the toughest fungus, sweat and grime but gentle enough for daily use, in fact we recommend it for the best results!

Remember to shake your liquid products well before every use as natural ingredients will separate.

Products containing essential oils are best kept in dark containers to protect the longevity of the oil-if you are using your own container/spray bottle please keep this in mind. 

Our all-natural products may need applied more frequently. Since we NEVER use harmful preservatives or chemicals, natural oils and ingredients absorb into the skin and hair quickly for ultimate effect. 

Please note that many of our products contain tea tree oil which is toxic to companion animals such as dogs and cats. If you would like to request a product without any ingredient, please send us a message through our                 page.

While our products have been sensitive horse approved, Ecoquestrian is not responsible for any allergic reactions or irritations that may occur at any time, we recommend that you apply products in a test area before full-body use. If your horse has a known allergy please send us a message through our                   page to speak with us, we would be happy to work with you at no extra cost.

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