How It Works

We are exceptionally excited to offer our Ecoquestrian trade in program! 

How it works:

Save your favorite empty Ecoquestrian product packaging (bottles, tins, sprayers) then send your empty, clean packaging back to us and earn e-vouchers to be used on your favorite Ecoquestrian products! Empty packaging must be in working order upon return to us to receive credit.

PLEASE NOTE: You must enclose a contact email with your used packaging to receive your e-voucher. 

Items that will NOT be accepted for exchange: 

Broken sprayers

Broken or cracked glass (older packaging still accepted!)

Unusable tins and/or spray bottles

Minor dents and scratches are acceptable as long as the blemish does not effect the use of the container.

We are not responsible for any packaging broken during shipping, any items received broken will not be counted towards credit. In the event of breakage, we will contact you for notice.

Exchange rate for packaging (e-voucher):

$1 for each 4oz and 8oz tin with matching lid

$1 for each 4oz or 8oz glass bottle

$1.50 for each 16oz aluminum spray bottle WITHOUT SPRAYER 

$2 for each 16oz aluminum spray bottle WITH  WORKING SPRAYER

$2.50 for each 32oz aluminum spray bottle WITHOUT SPRAYER 

$3 for each 32oz aluminum spray bottle WITH WORKING SPRAYER


You are welcome to return as many or as few items as you wish but we do prefer you save up several before returning to save from unnecessary carbon emissions. Return items can be of the same type or mixed type- we appreciate every effort to reduce waste!

Ready to send in your packaging? Great!!

Contact us for shipping information.