Mixing Concentrates

Here at Ecoqestrian, we are proud to aid in the effort to reduce waste and to provide packaging that can be reused for a multitude of purposes. 


Please note that for best results, proper mixing of concentrate is important. 

Concentrates mix as following: 

4oz concentrate bottles make 32oz of ready to use formula

8oz concentrate bottles make 64oz of ready to use formula

*16oz bottles are shipped with their concentrate- simply add water and shake for your read-to-use formula!

While formulas are designed to be mixed in any spray bottle of your choosing, natural products that contain essential oils are best stored in dark containers and out of direct heat and sunlight. 

Why concentrates? 

Concentrates not only reduce waste but also allow us to cut down on shipping costs and allow our users to reuse their favorite sprayers- savings that transfer directly to our customers! 

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