Mixing Concentrates

Here at Ecoqestrian, we are proud to aid in the effort to reduce waste and to provide packaging that can be reused for a multitude of purposes. 


Please note that for best results, proper mixing of concentrate is important. 

Concentrates mix as following: 

For sprays: 16oz Concentrate refill mixes to 32oz ready-to-use spray

For shampoos/Mane Mask products: 16oz refill is ready to use as is

While formulas are designed to be mixed in any spray bottle of your choosing, natural products that contain essential oils are best stored in dark containers and out of direct heat and sunlight. 

Why concentrates and why do our sprays ship without water? 

Concentrates not only reduce waste but also allow us to cut down on shipping costs and allow our users to reuse their favorite sprayers- savings that transfer directly to our customers and also make a conscious effort to cut unnecessary carbon emissions. 

Did you know that if big box brand shipped their products without water, you would receive almost a completely empty bottle?​

We ship our sprays without water for several reasons:

  • Less unnecessary weight = less carbon emissions from shipping, saves shipping costs, plus allows us to plant more trees per order!

  • We want you to see exactly how much of your product is raw, undiluted, natural products vs. big box brands who utilize mostly water. At Ecoquestrian we think your money should go further and that means providing more product and less filled space.