Our Packaging


At Ecoquestiran Products, we strive to maintain the highest level of Earth-friendly practices possible for our products. 

Our products contain absolutely NO:

Artificial colors or dyes

Artificial preservatives 

Artificial additives 

Earth and animal detrimental chemicals

On top of our all-natural formulas, our products are proudly vegan or vegetarian (containing only ethically sourced beeswax from bee-friendly local farms)

We are proud of our efforts to conserve our Earth, no matter how small! Every purchase from Ecoqustrian not only supports a small, family owned business, but also improves the health of your animals without damaging our home.

Our packaging is available in three types of packaging:

Aluminum tins, Paper Water Bottles and aluminum screw-top sprayers- all of which are 100% reusable however you see fit OR return your packaging to us to earn free products! See our "Trade In" tab for more information!

All of our shipping, labeling and advertising materials are recycled, biodegradable and/or made from post-consumer recycled materials. 

We enjoy giving things that would otherwise be thrown away new life and fun elements by reusing materials such as egg cartons, tissue papers and recycled boxed to package and ship our products which is why you will see some inconsistency in patterns or prints in some of our packaging materials- no worries, they're all the same fantastic products!



About Paper Water Bottles

Our full-sized concentrate spray products are now housed in a brilliant new solution to eco-friendly (and user friendly) liquid shipment and storage. 

These bottles are 100% recyclable and 98% landfill biodegradable with projected 100% backyard compostable innovations coming in 2020! 


The Eco 1 Green bottle used by Ecoquestiran contains a combination of natural pulp outer and Enso Restore PET lining. The revolutionary Enso Restore additive speeds up the natural decomposition of the bottle to cut down waste.