D&S Palm Free Leather Soap

D&S Palm Free Leather Soap


Whoops! This 4oz tin was dropped after cooling so it has suffered some cosmetic dings to the lid and bottom. Product is completely untouched and in perfect condition. 


Created specifically to be gentle on goods and tough on grime! Absolutely no dye and completely unscented. 


To use, lather with a damp sponge or soft cloth, work into leather to remove dirt, sweat and other gunk. Wipe away excess if needed. For best results finish with Shmitty's Favorite Leather Balm. 


Why is it important to source palm free products? Palm oil is a large contributor to deforestation and habitat loss of anials such as orangutans. Palm oil is found in almost all soap products, many chocolates, soft snack foods and more. Palm oil is manly disguised as Sodium Laryl Sulphate or SLS in soap products- SLS can also be sourced ethically from coconuts so don't be afraid to research the origin of your products!


Not to be used on suede. 


Soap ingredients: palm free glyceryn soap

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