Lavender Summer Bundle

Lavender Summer Bundle


Note this product contains tea tree oil and is not to be used on companion animals!

These products contain lavender essental oils are ARE NOT USEF permitted


Protect your horse this season- naturally! 

Bug Barrier:

Say "No!" to overwhelming chemicals and poisions by swtiching to Ecoquestrian's all-natural bug repellent. 

Hand crafted with ingredients like neem oil, lemongrass, tea tree oil and more you're prepared for a perfect bug-free season. Lavender adds an extra punch to this delicious mix!


PALM FREE Calm and Bright Soap: 

Suitible for people, pets and ponies, this rich soap is handcrafted to deep clean without stripping and drying skin or hair. 

Made with 100% natural dried lavender botanicals! Scented with natural lavender essecital oil and a light trace of focusing lemon refresh even the most sensitive noses while creating a gentle calm. 

Net weight 4oz per bar

Our bug repellents are always citronella and DEET free!


Available in three options:


*Read-to-use 32oz spray + Calm and Bright soap

*16oz (mixes to 32oz ready-to-use spray) concentrate refill + Calm and Bright soap

*Ready-to-use 32oz spray, 16oz concentrate refill + Calm and Bright soap


Note that our ready to use bottles come WITHOUT WATER- we ship you only the packaging and pure ingredients! Once your spray arrives, simply fill the remainder of your bottle with water and shake well- then you're ready to go!

Why do we do this? By shipping pure concentrates, we cut down on unnecessary shipping weight costs so we can pass the savings directly onto our fabulous customers! We want Ecoquestrian products to be in ever barn across the country so we strive to make it as easy as possible to spread renewable products to everyone.


How to use:

Shake well before every use- natural ingredents will seperate easily. Spray on your equine partner whenever and wherever necessary to keep flies, gnats, ticks, moquitos and more at bay! 

Note that natural products may need to be applied more often than chemical options as the ingredients will soak in easily (and harmlessly!)


More about this product:

  • Vegan friendly
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • OK for use on people and livestock- NOT TO BE USED ON PETS
  • Scent notes of: Thyme, lemongrass, lavender



This spray is not to be used as an alternative to veterinary care! Should an allergic reaction or irritation occur, discontinue use immediately. Ecoquestrian Products, LLC is not responsible for any reaction or ailment.