Medicated shampoo contains tea tree oil and is not suitable for use on cats or dogs. 

An innovative, natural look at skin care! Our Medicated Sea Salt Shampoo contains a powerful blend of essential oils to combat fungus, dandruff, rain rot, cannon crud and more without stripping vital oils and nutrients from hair! 

This product is ready to use and requires no dillution. 


  • Sea salt clarifies and soothes skin- Known for it's skin healing properties, sea salt is used in a variety of high-end products to treat eczema, blemishes and skin irritations. 
  • Jojoba oil deeply nourishes and softens coat and skin
  • Aloe Vera relieves discomfort and irritation 
  • Tea tree, rosemary and lemongrass gently but powerfully banish fungus and other skin issues. 


We offer two new, ecofriendly options:

  • Refill- Use this option to refill bottles you already own or Ecoquestrian 16oz aluminum bottles. Refill is packaged in easy-to-use Paper Water Bottles- 100% recyclable and 98% landfill biodegradable!
  • 16oz pump top bottle- Use this option if you would like a filled Ecoquestrian 16oz aluminum bottle with a lotion pump fitting. 

Medicated Sea Salt Shampoo


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