Refresh, relax and repair! These mini fizzs are suitible for use on both horses and riders! Perfect for show and clinic travel to cut out bulky liniment bottles or for every day use- mini size is perfect to travel in your pocket.

For equine use: add 1 mini fizz to a 5 gallon bucket of steaming water and let disolve completely before sponging on your horse. 

For human use: add 2-3 mini fizzs (personal preferance on strength) to your steaming bath. 


Your pack of 6 mini size bath fizzs' contains absoloutly NO artificial colors, scents or preservatives. 


Note that bath fizzs are wrapped in recycled wrapping and may come in diferent colors or patterns than pictured. 


More about this product:

  • Vegan friendly
  • Sensitive skin friendly- if you have delicate skin start with one tab at a time!
  • OK for use on people
  • Scent notes of: menthol, wintergreen, rosemary

Refreshing Liniment Mini Fizz 6 Pack


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