Shmitty's Favorite All-Natural, Reef Safe Sunscreen

Shmitty's Favorite All-Natural, Reef Safe Sunscreen


This sunscreen is pet safe!


Protect and heal!
Handmade in small batches, we pride ourselves in the quality and love put into every tin of Shmitty's Favorite products. Available in two sizes: 4 oz and 8oz for every job- big or small! 

This reef safe sunscreen is jammed packed with sun blocking essential and nourishing oils as well as non-nano Zinc oxide! 


To use: apply a thin layer to the affected area as needed to heal current burns and to protect against future exposure. Can be applied to pet and livestock noses, ears, white spots, around eyes and more! Safe for use on human noses as well- can be used as a sun protectant on tattoos to prevent fading! To remove, rinse with soap and water and reapply as needed. 

Your tin is a rich mix of natural and organic shea butters, beeswax and nourishing oils accompanied by essential oils such as raspberry seed oil- making this balm vegetarian approved.


More about this product:

  • Vegitarian friendly
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • OK for use on pets, people and livestock
  • Scent notes of: beeswax, shea butter

This product has been carefully crafted to adhere to the USEF/FEI banned substance list and is show safe.

This balm is not to be used as an alternative to veterinary care! Should an allergic reaction or irritation occur, discontinue use immediately.

Ecoquestrian Products, LLC is not responsible for any reaction or ailment.


Ingredients: raw shea butter, ethically sourced beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil, non-nano zinc oxide, carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil