Whole Grain Tiny Bites Treats

Whole Grain Tiny Bites Treats


Ecoquestrian is proud to offer these treats by Copper Pony Treat Co.- stay tuned for new additions soon!


These yummy, semi soft treats are sure to be a barn favorite! Bite sized treats are perfect for training, rewards or just a tasy snack. 


Ingredients: Whole oats, oat flour, ground flax seed, molasses- contains no artifical preservatives, colors or flavors. 


This product has been carefully crafted to adhere to the USEF/FEI banned substance list and is show safe.

This spray is not to be used as an alternative to veterinary care! Should an allergic reaction or irritation occur, discontinue use immediately. Ecoquestrian Products, LLC is not responsible for any reaction or ailment.

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